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  • Yard Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Track Management
  • Container Depot Management
  • Inventory Management
Yard Management, warehouse management, track management, inventory management
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Cloud Tech

Do you want to get rid of your IT costs and focus on growing your business? We can help! Our SaaS platform is built on a modern cloud architecture that offers cost scalability. We pass these savings on to our customers and offer ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing to make our system affordable even for the smallest of transload operators. Managed hosting, cloud storage, automatic backups, disaster recovery, and high availability will help you save money on your IT expenses.

Desktop & mobile

Shipment handling and transfer operations are managed in real-time protecting profitability and performance. Access a digital tally sheet, pick list, and take photos on the move. Clients can choose from a variety of features to create a solution that fits their business.

desktop, tablet, mobile smart phone
lumber, boxes, dimensional cargo, bulk commodities


Whether you’re handling lumber, steel, all other dimensional cargo and serialized goods, pallets, super sacks, boxes, dry bulk, liquid bulk, or ISO containers – you name it and we’ve got an option for you. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to customize the app to match any cargo requirements. So go ahead and think outside of uhhh… the pallet?

Transload Management Features

Life is unpredictable, your work shouldn’t be. now supports remote management capabilities for the unique times
when you are unable to physically manage your yard on-site.

  • Manage full shipment lifecycle with key timestamps
  • Capture in-transit inbound shipments
  • Keep track of time on the demurrage clock
  • Capture Laden Weight and Tare Weight, Gross and Net Weight
  • Customizable workflow and forms
  • Attach PO and other related documents
  • Electronic Tally Sheet on the mobile app
  • Document with digital photos
  • Automatically send out Proof Of Delivery emails
  • Automated audit log
  • Manage full shipment lifecycle with key timestamps
  • Capture pending outbounds
  • Keep track of time on demurrage clock
  • Capture Tare Weight, Laden Weight, Gross, and Net Weight
  • Customizable workflow, forms, BOL templates
  • Automated destination Address Book
  • Attach PO, and other related documents
  • Capture e-signatures on BOLs
  • Electronic Pick List on the mobile app
  • Document with digital photos
  • Automatically send out POD emails
  • Automated audit log
  • Mobile and Desktop interface
  • Place railcars on selected Track
  • Drag and Drop spot/position-on-track management
  • Capture time railcar is placed and collected collected
  • Keep track of inbound and outbound railcars
  • Manage Inventory in railcars, yard, warehouse, and shipping containers
  • Handle dimensional cargo, serialized goods, and bulk commodities
  • Flexible Location Management
  • Unstructured Aisles in an Open-Air-Lot
  • 3D vertical arrangement such as warehouse racks, or container depot
  • Physical and Logical separation by Area, Zone, Aisle, Bay, Level, and Position in Level
  • Assign Zones to an Account for leased square footage
  • Keep track of Quantities On Hand, Committed, and Available
  • Keep track of inventory weights
  • Customizable Inventory form
  • Document everything with attached digital photography
  • Automated audit log
  • Perform periodic Inventory checks
  • Mobile UI guides you through all Inventory locations
  • Reconcile quantity and location discrepancies
  • Generate Inventory Audit reports
  • View inventory activity timelines
  • Manage all your Customers / Payers in one place
  • Keep all contacts with the Account
  • Store contracts/agreements in the cloud
  • Customize the App per Account
  • Custom workflows
  • Custom form fields
  • Customer Inbound and Outbound instructions
  • Setup billing options and Service Rates
  • Upload Product Catalog
  • Automated audit log
  • Generate Invoices for Inbound and Outbound Handling
  • Set rates for Outside and Indoor handling
  • Generate Invoices for storage
  • Pro-rated and monthly
  • Generate Individual and bulk invoices
  • Add custom services and incidental charges
  • Export to QuickBooks
  • Store shareable documents in the cloud
  • Checklists
  • Manuals
  • Safety sheets
  • Access documents on a mobile device
  • Manage users and role-bases access privileges
  • Limit access to the Manager Portal
  • Grand access to the mobile app
  • Add unlimited users at no extra cost
  • Assign tasks to users in the system
  • Assign Inbound & Outbound Shipments
  • Assign Inventory Audits
  • Keep track of time to complete
  • Individual To-Do task list on Dashboard
  • Manage subscription options
  • Set payment method
  • Cancel anytime
  • Secure customer portal by Stripe
  • Generate key reports and Analytics to understand your business
  • Export data to Excell / CSV

customers love us

I’ve been reloading for railroads since 1985. I’ve set up new transloads, managed existing operations, and consulted others to help them grow their business. I found that maintaining inventory was the key to providing great service to customers and attracting new business. not only maintains your inventory but keeps track of where it is in your yard, provides bills of ladings, invoices, and everything except physically handling the material… … and it is quite easy to operate.
Mike Kershaw
CEO of Kershaw Transload Logistics



perfect for new yards with low load volume


great for transloads with high shipment volume


Got more questions?
Speak with our customer success experts at
877-TRANSLOAD / 877-872-6756

Our software was built from ground up to serve transload yards, warehouses, and shipping container depots. It is not an off-the-shelf WMS converted for transloads. It can be used by rail-to-truck reload terminals as well as truck-to-truck reload yards.

Our platform is not designed for fulfillment warehouse operations, but rather for transload yards and transload warehouses. As such, we only handle a limited use case of shipping out Pieces from a Bundle/Box. We do not handle returns or other fulfillment processes.

We are hardware agnostic, as such you can access our software from anywhere and with any WIFI/Mobile-data enabled desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Both iOS and Android are supported.

We continue to grow, innovate, and bring new best practices to the transloading industry and our flexible architecture allows us for rapid development and delivery. As such, we typically release minor upgrades every two to three weeks, and major updates every two to three months.

We recommend requesting a demo before sign-up to make sure the platform is a good fit and meets your needs in the first place. Once you’re confident in our capabilities, please head on to the sign-up form. Once submitted, your registration is reviewed and approved by one of our customer success experts. From there, once you enter your credit card, you are ready to start using the app. We will be there to assist you with setup and training.

If you have your operations planned out ahead of time, such as your facility layout and location map, it only takes an hour or two for initial setup. Adding accounts/customers/billing info to the platform depends on the number of customers you’re starting with.

We are happy to offer you a demo tour at no cost as well as a very generous trial period during which your card will not be charged, however we do require a valid payment method to complete registration.

Select pay-per-month billing if you handle more than 30 inbound shipments per month on a regular basis. If you’re just starting out, or your inbound load volume is low or you experience large swings in your monthly inbound volume, then you may want to consider the pay-per-payload subscription. If you’re not sure which plan to choose, please speak with our customer success team by calling 877-TRANSLOAD / 877-872-6756