Request account and/or data deletion

You have the right to request your account and/or your data to be deleted. All such requests must be submitted in writing and need to be verified by a voice call. Please bear in mind any data retention requirements imposed by DOT or other relevant authorities.

In order to request account/data deletion please navigate to SUBMIT A TICKET in the App or here and create a new ticket request.

Complete the form in full ensuring that:

  • Email Address: matches your username / login credentials
  • Subject: put either “Account Delete Request” or “Data Delete Request”
  • Description: provide all necessary details to identify individual records, Account, or data to be deleted. You can request deletion of:
    • All Account data (user registration records and all submitted business records)
    • User registration records.
    • Individual business records that may have been entered by mistake.

Once we receive the request, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to verify all request details and submit your request for processing.

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