what’s new in ver. 0.4.4

With this release we are introducing one major new feature and a number of performance and usability enhancements to the platform

Please refresh your browser page, or restart the app on mobile devices, or click the Refresh notification on dashboard to trigger new version download.

Inventory & Product management

We are enabling ability to lik existing and custom inventory records to a pre-defined Product. This enables a more accurate inventory tracking and reporting per product. You will notice an orange broken link icon next to inventory records which are not linked to a Product. To link to a Product, open that inventory item, and click the LINK PRODUCT button. Search for the correct Product, select a checkbox and click the LINK PRODUCT button. Once, the inventory is saved, it will be linked to Product. Once linked, the linkage cannot be undone.

link to product sample

Additionally, we’ve added a side-bar on Product pages, indicating Total Inventory Quantity and a Low Inventory Alert.

Bill of Lading

We’ve added Empty, Loaded, and Total weight on Bill of Lading. The information is dynamically displayed if the Empty and Loaded weight fields are filled on the TRACE tab of an Outbound Shipment.

Unit Labels

We’ve added descriptive units labels on all units of measure dropdowns making it easier to select the correct units of measure.

List Enhancements

Overall performance of retrieving latest list information for Inbound Shipments, Inventories, Outbound Shipments, Invoices, Accounts, Users, Tasks, Audits, and Documents has been improved, eliminating a slight lag of fetching the latest records. In addition, search capabilities have been improved and added to select list views.

Mobile Styling

Several minor styling and usability enhancements have been added. Inbound Shipment Tally Sheet items now have a MARK LOADED button rather than SAVE button. Announcements have been added to the Dashboard, allowing us to push important notifications to all users. E-signature pad has been updated to better fit different devices.

Document Repository

Added role-based file visibility. Users can now assign document visibility to Manager only, or Manager and Crew.

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