what’s new in ver. 0.5.0

This release brings major overall performance improvements and new Inventory Management features.

Please click the red Refresh notification on dashboard, or refresh your browser page, or restart the app on mobile devices to trigger new version download.

Inventory Export

We have enabled ability to export current inventory records to an Excel spreadsheet for offline processing. The export allows extracting all inventory records or narrowing down the selection by applying a search query or filters. For example, you may want to export only inventories for a selected account if responding to a customer request for data exchange.

Inventory Audit

By popular demand, we have redesigned and enhanced the process of performing periodic inventory checks. This version features an improved Audit Reconciliation user interface to resolve any quantity mismatches or state of inventory notices. Additionally, and Audit Report page has been added, allowing you to view and export Audit summary grouped by Lot Number or by Product Code. Improve your customer experience by sharing the results of your inventory counts.

Lastly, we’ve added Audit Duration, measuring the time it takes the operators to complete an inventory count. This is helpful if you charge the customer on an hourly basis for performing a periodic inventory recount.

Low Inventory Report

We’ continue adding new reporting capabilities with each new release. This version brings a Low Inventory Report that is searchable, filterable and exportable. Improve your customer service by notifying your customers of low inventory levels. This should also have a positive effect on your revenues as you promote new shipments.

List Enhancements

Overall performance of retrieving latest list information for Inbound Shipments, Inventories, Outbound Shipments, Invoices, Accounts, Users, Tasks, Audits, and Documents has been improved, eliminating a slight lag of fetching the latest records. In addition, search and sorting capabilities have been yet again improved.


Mark Unpaid button has been added to enable reviving of Invoices that were accidentally marked as paid.


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