what’s new in ver. 0.9.0

track management screenshots

This release brings major new features such as track management, enhanced transactional stability for transloads with low data bandwidth, and other usability improvements.

Network Performance

For transloads experiencing an unstable or low bandwidth internet connection, the enhanced transactional data handling will provide a better user experience and improves data integrity. To further support transloads with limited mobile data bandwidth, the inbound and outbound processes have been updated to make taking evidentiary photos optional – we still encourage documenting all shipments and inventories with photos as best practice, but it is now optimal based on your circumstances.

Track Management

Thins new feature is designed to allow bulk commodities transloaders to manage railcar locations on tracks more effectively. It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop mobile interface for field crews and a full-screen manager dashboard giving you an overall view of all tracks at one glance. Place, remove, relocate cars with ease and open corresponding shipment by clicking on a railcar. Manager dashboard also includes a search feature to quickly locate a desired railcar. Railcar track location is integrated with inventory location management for a seamless experiment.

Additional Enhancements

  • Custom Fields Sorting – you can now sort lists by custom-defined fields in inventory and product catalog lists.
  • skip e-signatures for outbound – if you are handling BOL “on paper”, you can now skip capturing e-signatures during the outbound process.
  • Custom settings in Accounts now includes special instructions for Inbound and Outbound shipments – add default instructions at account level, override in shipment if necessary.

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