what’s new in ver. 0.9.14

This release has been long in the works and brings some major platform enhancements and extensions. Let’s see what’s new.

3D Vertical Location Management

The main impetus for this release is to extends our location management capabilities in the Yard, Warehouse, and on Track. We are adding ability to easily add and manage vertical arrangements for storage racks in a Warehouse and to manage ISO Container storage in the Yard.

The platform now supports STRUCTURED and UNSTRUCTURED location management, whereas UNSTRUCTURED locations refer to broad, flex-use aisles in the Yard, and STRUCTURED locations represent organized/delimited horizontal and vertical locations in a Warehouse or Yard. STRUCTURED Aisles, allow you to manage locations down to Bay, Level, and Position in Level.

Furthermore, Zones now support assignment to a select account. This is used to separate storage for customers who are leasing square footage in the Yard or Warehouse.

In order to support the new functionality, we’ve also improved the design of our Location Picker, which now allows you to specify location by Area, Zone, Aisle/Track, Position, and even railcar number.

Address Book

In order to expedite entry of Outbound Shipments, we are adding ability to save outbound destination address to Account-specific address books. This way, for each Account, you can maintain a unique list of addresses to be used when configuring an outbound.

You can save a new address directly from an outbound, or edit the Address Book from within Account setup.

Bulk Track & Inventory Management

This release also adds major enhancements in managing bulk loads. Inbound shipments now allow to to capture Laden weight on Truck arrival, Tare weight on departure, and calculate Gross, and Net weights.

Additionally, we’ve added a timestamp to capture time a railcar is collected by rail from your track. This extends the existing track management capabilities. Furthermore, The enhanced Inbound process allows you to directly deposit bulk loads from truck into a railcar, automatically adding line items to the outbound shipment tally sheet.

Enhanced Photos Handling

This release bring some minor enhancements in handling photos on mobile devices, making them load faster and save in background.

Multiple File Attachments

We are extending an existing system feature to allow attachment of multiple files to Accounts, Inbound shipments, and Outbound shipments. This replaces previous ability to attach a single file. Keep all your relevant documentation neatly organized within related records and safely stored in the cloud.

App Info Dialog & Push Notifications

We have moved the notification section from Dashboard to the application header, making the announcements more prominent. This makes it easier to share with you news of new releases and provide links to download a new version.

In addition to redesigned notification section, we’ve also added an “App info” menu item in the app menu. The App Info dialog gives you another way to download the latest version of the platform.

BOL Template Help

We are making it easier for our customers to be self-sufficient in editing their custom Bill Of Lading templates by extending the help files to include dynamically generated list of available script fields, per Account, that can be used in a custom template file.

…and more

As always, we’re listening attentively to your feedback and take quick measures to fix minor bugs or to add minor enhancements that make your work easier. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests for enhancements.


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